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[CS-EV!LZOMBIE] Community Rules


1. Username / profile / avatar / signature / accounts:
1.1 The username / display name must:

not contain offensive or racist words;
be different from the one in the forum's administrative team;

1.2 The name must not contain more than 3 characters of type:! @ # $% ^ & * () _ And the number of characters that make up the name must not exceed 26;
- It is punishable by changing the username / display name without prior warning until the permanent ban on the forum account.
1.3 Signatures / avatars must not contain:

pornographic images;
racist messages;
words / images with vulgar content;

1.4 It is strictly forbidden to attach videos with a direct link, without the use of special BBCodes (spoiler, etc.);

- It is punished by changing the avatar / user avatar and suspending the user for a 24-hour period.

1.5 It is not allowed to register clone accounts on the forum (if more than one person is registered and using the same PC please notify the team to avoid banning accounts);

- It is punished by permanent banning of clone accounts, the first account being suspended for 2 days for each additional account.

2. Opening a new topic (thread):
2.1 Before opening a new topic, make sure that what you post will fall into the right category. Use the 'Search' feature to avoid creating multiple topics on the same subject;
2.2 The title of the open topic should be as suggestive as possible. It is forbidden to use titles such as 'Urgent matter, question, question;'
2.3 If you have a problem or question, formulate it as clearly as possible, giving all the information you already have. This will help the users who will respond to you better understand what you want from that topic;
2.4 Do not abuse Caps Lock;

- It is punished by warning the user with 1-2 warning points, depending on the severity of the situation.

3. Language:
3.1 It is strictly forbidden to use vulgar, vulgar, racist or discriminatory words;
3.2 Private messages containing vulgar words are not allowed;
3.3 Inappropriate language is also the partial censorship of vulgar words;

- It is punished by warning the user with 3-5 warning points, depending on the severity of the situation.

4. Posting Rules:
4.1 * Off-topic, ** post-hunt, *** spam, **** double-post is forbidden on the forum;

* off-topic = Any post that only suggests to deviate from the topic, (the topic of the topic is about football and you post in that topic that you're going to the sea);
** post-hunt = Any post that only adds a +1 without conveying an idea (be it on-topic or off-topic);
*** spam = Excessive posting of a number of repeated messages in different categories with unnecessary messages or the same text;
**** double-post = Posting two or more messages one after the other. If at your post responded at least one person, and you post him / her, he is not considered double-post. Double post is allowed only 24 hours after the first post posted on the forum;

4.2 Excessive use of colors, emoticons, fontsize, caps lock is not allowed (they can only be used to highlight an idea from a sentence);
4.6 Voting for proposals and requests without arguments is forbidden;
- It is punished by warning the user with 1-2 warning points, depending on the severity of the situation.
5. Piracy (warez):
5.1 It is forbidden to open any topic about * piracy / warez;

»* Piracy / warez = instructions, discussions or addresses about how to run a pirated program (including cracks), requesting or publishing serial numbers or cracks, requesting or publishing DLCs, request or tracking (torrent source), download addresses of non-copyrighted content (except for the official addresses that allow and release free of charge the software they have released / created);
- It is punished by permanently suspending your account and ip.

6.1 The advertisement refers to the presentation of a site or server in order to attract as many visitors or players as possible.
6.2 Intentionally advertised on other servers / communities / games of the same kind as those promoted by Play-Arena Romania are strictly forbidden (through forum posts, posts, avatar, signature or profile);

- It is punished by permanently suspending your account and ip.

7. Reports:
7.1 Use the 'Report' function in cases of violation of a regulation by a member or consideration of an injustice in case of sanctioning;
7.2 'Report' is not private messages sent to the administrative team, do not use the 'Report' function if you do not really encounter a problem;
7.3 After clicking on the 'Report' button, specify in the box 

the reason for the report, usually followed by the link where the violation occurred;

- It is punished by warning the user with 2 warning points.

8. Regulations by section:
8.1 Each section has a small regulation, in that topic you find rules, templates and the requirements you have to fulfill to post / open a topic in that section;

9. Rules for Play-Arena moderators Romania:
9.1 There is a regulation available to members of the moderation team in their private section;

10. ShoutBox Rules:
10.1 Advertise with other servers / communities / games of the same kind as those promoted by Play-Arena Romania are strictly forbidden; - It is punishable by permanently banning your account and ip.
10.2 Ugly language, curses, insults and jokes are not allowed; - It is punished by suspending the chat account 5 days + ban on the forum, depending on the severity of the situation.
10.3 You may not be sexually, racially or otherwise discriminated against, or use terms that show lack of respect; - Penalties are suspended by chatting for 2 days.
10.4 You may not start chatting; - It is punished by suspending your chat account a day.
10.5 You are not allowed to chat. This means that you are not allowed to post excessive messages, emoticons, links, or just post the crap for the sake of seeing your name on the chat several times. This includes overly large messages that can spoil the chat design; - It is punished by suspending your chat account a day.
10.6 You may not be laughing at a user (whether it is new to the forum or older) who has a question or asks for help in a matter related to any of the issues of Play-Arena Romania; - It is punished by suspending your chat account a day.
10.7 You are not allowed to threaten users; - It is punishable by suspending your chat account for 3 days.

11. SLOWHACK Regulation:
11.1 Any server that will be caught stealing or using slowhack plugins will be removed from the community without much explanation.

12. Server Managers Regulation.
12.1 Server owners are directly responsible for admin actions on the server they administer.
12.2 Owners who do not assume responsibility for the actions of the admins on their server will be sanctioned.
12.3 In the case of applications (admin slot / unban / etc ..) only admins can come with a PRO / CONTRA response.
12.4 Any other member of the forum can provide additional information to that request, but it is not allowed to comment. If the user does not comply with this rule, he will be sanctioned.
12.5 Each post that contains a PRO / CONTRA opinion must have a plausible argument. Those who will not follow this rule will receive a warning.
12.6 If you are disturbed on one of your public server channels, please contact an administrative member to solve the problem.
12.7 If you are bothered by one person in private, please use the "Add To Block" function, no sanctions for insults or injuries in private.
12.8 Do not treat an Administrative Member with contempt, otherwise sanctions will be applied. But if you are provoked to have a proof (voicemail / screenshot or witness) for a potential claim.
12.9 Do not put music or voice recordings on a public channel. For loud / intimate discussions and / or music, use a private channel.
12.10 Do not use obscene or offensive nicknames, pornographic avatars or offensive descriptions.
12.11 The language vulgar / offensive or of any kind is forbidden on public channels.
12.12 The 'Record' function is forbidden on any type of channel, conversations on TeamSpeak3 are meant to be private.
12.13 The manager can do what he likes on his channel, including kick / ban and adding the related [Admin / Censorship / Operator etc.] access to the channel.
Mention: Access to this forum is not a privilege but a privilege granted by the forum founder. Compliance with the rules is mandatory for all users of this forum.
If the rules are violated, the server can be excluded from the Play-Arena community!

To the reader's attention:
Not knowing the regulation is not a plausible excuse;
Registering an account on the Play-Arena Romania forum is the agreement in connection with the aforementioned regulation;
In any other situation not covered by the regulation, we reserve the right to sanction according to the gravity of the situation;
The regulation is strictly designed for this site. We do not respond to external issues (eg: networking strikes such as Skype / Y! M / Steam etc);
The regulation may change over time, we recommend recurring it periodically;

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