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  1. SonIX

    [Rejected] Admin Request

    I'll give you a chance . Be more Active . Good Luck .
  2. SonIX

    [Rejected] Admin Request.

    I'll give you a Chance. Good Luck!
  3. SonIX

    [Rejected] Admin Request

    Be more Active [Hidden Content] Name.|K|g|B|.rs/ -Ne mozes sve za jedan dan, treba ti minimum 20h za admina CONTRA.
  4. SonIX

    [Rejected] Admin Request

    Be at least 16 years old. Have at least 20 hours on server. Contra.
  5. SonIX

    [Rejected] aplly admin

    I give you CANCE. But you have to be more Active. Good Luck
  6. SonIX

    [Accepted] Request for admin.

    I'll agree whit Sa3ka, Be more active... CONTRA.
  7. SonIX

    [ZP Extra Items/Survivor Weapon] M134 Minigun

    Bad 2 links of photo
  8. Hello to everyone, First of all, i would like to emphasize that im not the author or owner of this plugin. Plugin or "M134 Minigun" i found on the internet and i rilly like what is more interesting than the regular minigun. I tested this weapon on the my test server and work very well, excpet that there is a small bug that i noticed, that is, whene the option to assign weapons to the survivor is included, he assigns weapons and a sniper etc... I Think that can be solved easily i plug in this plugin. thanks for the time and the suggestion are always good, as well as helping me to solve this little bug but also the opinions of orthers about this plugin. Orginal Download link: [Hidden Content]
  9. SonIX

    [Rejected] Edmond Kqiku

    Be more active... Contra.
  10. SonIX

    [Accepted] Admin Apply

    Contra. I Never didn't see you in server... At GT.com i found you, But you need to be even more Active... [Hidden Content] Bejbe/
  11. SonIX

    [Rejected] Request Admin

    Although i'm bad on server because of work at all, i did not see you playing Be more active. Contra.
  12. SonIX

    [Accepted] Admin Request [ NeRvozni].

    You need more activities... English needs to know how much it is to agree(Engleski treba da znas koliko toliko sam da se sporazumes a ne da koristis google translate ) So, Contra
  13. Your real name : Jusuf Zunic Age : 19 Why are you applying? : I've bene long on the forum as well as on the server so i have a desire to become a moderator. Have you ever been Moderator? : It could be said that given that i had my own 3 forums. Do you have experience on this grade? : Yes. Do you know all the forum rules? : I know. Tell more about yourself (optional) : Well, I can say that for my 19 years I have quite enough even a lot of experience regarding the leadership of the forum as well as keeping and managing the server as well as for monitoring the server in terms of monitoring the communications player and so on ...
  14. SonIX

    Admin Request

    Wrong section and be more active I do not see you on the server. Move it. [Hidden Content] Contra
  15. SonIX

    Admin Request - BeLeCe

    I do not see you active in Server. Be more active. CONTRA