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[ZP Extra Items/Survivor Weapon] M134 Minigun

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Hello to everyone, First of all, i would like to emphasize that im not the author or owner of this plugin. 

Plugin or "M134 Minigun" i found on the internet and i rilly like what is more interesting than the regular minigun.
I tested this weapon on the my test server and work very well, excpet that there is a small bug that i noticed, that is, whene the option to assign weapons to the survivor is included, he assigns weapons and a sniper etc... I Think that can be solved easily i plug in this plugin. thanks for the time and the suggestion are always good, as well as helping me to solve this little bug but also the opinions of orthers about this plugin.




Orginal Download link: http://www.csplugin.com/2012/10/zp-extra-item-minigun-m134.html

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